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What Is Speech Annotation?

Speech annotation is a process of categorizing and labeling sounds for Machine Learning and AI projects. It is essential to turn audio data into a format that machines can understand and learn from. Whether you are interested in speech recognition in AI, the creation of chatbots, or the design of self-driving systems, a credible speech recognition service is a must.


Speech labeling is used in a multitude of industries, from Healthcare and Robotics to Retail. If you want to create an accurate and user-friendly voice-activated system, you need to collect and label huge amounts of data beforehand.

This is where speech annotation services come in place. We offer the full range of services when it comes to voice data services – from collection to categorization. Our team is ready to help you achieve new business objectives and bring the most sophisticated AI system to life.

Industries and Uses of Speech Annotation


Speech data transcription and labeling are widely used in robotics. They help create text-to-speech modules and recognize surrounding objects and environmental changes.


Self-driving cars are no longer a work of fiction. Voice annotation services ensure training of voice-activated systems and virtual assistants that make it possible.


AL and Machine Learning solutions provide more security for private and corporate areas with Automatic Speech Recognition. Audio annotation helps distinguish various sounds and identify potential threats.


In agriculture, IoT and embedded systems with AI allow increasing efficiency. They detect various sounds and movements to give real-time data and respond to changing conditions immediately.


Retail uses speech annotation in a multitude of applications from smart chatbots on eCommerce websites to virtual assistants and embedded systems.


ASR, chatbots, and virtual assistants are quite spread in the entertainment industry. Speech annotation can help design more exciting experiences and applications for users.


Speech annotation services are the foundation of embedded medical systems, surgical robots, and optimization solutions for medical institutions. Such algorithms provide better experiences for patients and professionals.

Speech Annotation Services We Provide

We offer a full range of services from voice data collection to sound annotation and speech to text translation. Our services include:

Speech Data Collection

classification ai

We offer access to various professionals, native speakers, and linguists to model and collect appropriate audio data for your project. Speech data collection allows sourcing specific samples for your requirements for a speech and language annotator to work with in voice-activated systems and algorithms. 

Audio Annotation

data annotation services

We offer provide precise and high-quality labeling of audio annotation services, including speech, sound events, and acoustic scenes for ML.

Multi-Label Annotation

music ai

This process involves the identification and labeling of overlapping sounds. It is particularly important to urban environments and audio recording with multiple different sources of sound. An expert audio annotator can perform binary labeling, one-stage multi-labeling, or two-stage multi-labeling.

Language Transcription


Our language transcription services include verbatim transcription (every word is transcribed as it is in the recording) and labeling that gives more context (identification of a speaker or time stamps for particular markers).

Multilingual Audio Data Services

sound ai

We offer speech recognition in AI systems for multiple languages.

Speech Annotation

artificial intelligence

Investigation and annotation of audio recordings for AI and Machine Learning. Includes provision of metadata for all types of sounds and recognition of each word.

Speech and Audio Data Classification

data classification

This service allows classifying audio data according to your needs from topics to dialects. The experts can classify the speaker’s intent, sound quality, background noises, or any other category you need for your project.

Speech-To-Text Transcription


It is an integral part of NLP – a process of transcription of every word and sound. It includes punctuation and proper labeling of each word/sound.

How to Order Speech Annotation Services with Us

To order our services, follow these simple steps:

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Types of Speech Classification We Can Help With


Music Classification

This type is used to categorize sounds according to instruments, genres, rhythms, etc. Often, such data is used for entertainment, smart music recommendations, or better organization of multimedia libraries.

Group (69)

Acoustic Data Classification

This type of speech classification identifies where exactly the sample was recorded. This means labeling various environments like schools, public spaces, cafes, homes, etc. Such data is used for various sound libraries and different monitoring systems.

Group (71)

Environmental Sound Classification

Here sound annotation involves the identification and classification of sounds specific to a particular environment. For example, some sounds are common in big cities, others often appear in playgrounds, hospitals, or farmlands. This type is used for monitoring algorithms and security solutions. It can be used for agriculture IoT systems, for example, to monitor and respond to changing environments. Or it can help security algorithms correctly detect uncommon sounds to recognize potential threats.

Group (70)

Natural Language Utterance Classification

This type of voice recognition AI service focuses on various speech specifics like dialects, patterns, or semantics. It is important to teach algorithms to correctly recognize voice commands and signals from people with different speech patterns or various geographical locations. It is useful for virtual assistants, chatbots, or embedded systems.

Why Choose Us For Speech Annotation Services?

If you are looking for professional voice annotation and a speech transcription service, we are exactly what you need. Here are the main benefits of cooperation with us.


No Internal Bias

Cooperating with us offers you the elimination of internal bias. One team working consistently on an AI project might develop a bias when it comes to data collection and categorization. Instead, we deliver objective and multi-layered services with accuracy.


Easy Scalability

No matter how big your project is, we can handle it. Our team offers flexibility and easy scalability. Even if the amount of data that needs to be processed grows, it is not an issue. Our dedicated team will work on your projects so that you do not need to pull in-house resources from their core functionality.


Reasonable Pricing

Outsourcing speech annotation allows for saving a significant part of the budget. We offer cost-efficient pricing without compromising on the quality of services. While we are taking care of the annotation, your team can focus on the core of the business.


Quality of Services

Get the best language transcription and speech annotation services from the top professionals in the field. We guarantee outstanding accuracy and excellent delivery according to your requirements when it comes to all things speech recognition AI.

3 Models of Cooperation We Offer


Managed speech annotation service

This is an excellent choice if you want to outsource the speech annotation project as a whole. You will get access to top talent, the latest technology, and streamlined processes. And we take care of all related management, maintenance, and timely delivery.


Part-time speech annotation specialist dedicated to your project

We will find a suitable expert to work on your project part-time. This model is beneficial for smaller projects with an average amount of sound data. It is also cost-efficient as you only pay for hours a specialist devotes to your project.


Full-time (dedicated) speech annotation specialist

In this case, a dedicated expert will work exclusively on your project. This is ideal for large amounts of data, continuous cooperation, and expanding your in-house team. At the same time, you stay in full control of the workload and performance.

Are you ready to power up your project with excellent speech annotation services? Discuss your project with us!